ELM 6: West Expedition

To be completed by our 4th call




Read and contemplate the following two poems as we open Sustaining Intelligence.

“Sustaining Intelligence evokes the field of resilience and regeneration, calling us to clear blockages that hold us back, and intuitive insight to bring forward the highest healing to the system.”

The Small Man • by Hafiz

The small man builds cages
for everyone he knows.
While the Sage,
who has to bend when the moon is low,
Drops keys all night long
for the beautiful rowdy prisoners.

REALM SHIFT • by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner

Qualities: quantum leap, expanded reality, web of possibility, assemblage points, the unknown

Loosen your moorings, journeyer – make room for miracles and expanded realities! In receiving this lens, you are being asked to take a quantum leap, beyond the confines of your known reality. You and this reality are entering a total shift of realms.

Because of humanity’s mass agreement about “how reality is,” you may have constructed your reality based on fixed beliefs in such things as restriction, denial, limitation, and judgment. However, when humanity reaches the critical threshold of change in its belief system, reality shifts to reflect that change. Set aside how your reality appears. See the universe as an inseparable whole—one hologram made up of a vast web of interwoven possibilities. You can affect and draw from that energetic field now. You can create the reality you choose.

A shift of realms is taking place. At this nexus of and space, powerful galactic energies are meeting your expanding perception of what is possible. Anything you have defined in a limited way is being transformed. Perhaps you have seen this expanded version of reality In moments of crisis, sü•ong emotions, drug experiences, deep meditation, severe illness, or a near-death experience. After such moments, all things look different, and the potential of all possibilities emerges. That is because the “assemblage points” of your reality have been shaken loose.

Receiving this lens asks you to consciously loosen your assemblage points and allow them to remain loose. Take a quantum leap into the fluidity of unfixed beliefs and expanded realities. By flexibly choosing to move into the unknown, a complete and marvelous reordering of your world awaits you!

• From the Mayan Oracle




The first step in our journey to activate Sustaining Intelligence within us, is to access a deep connection with the Mother Earth, learning how to read our own shields by looking into the balance of sun, water, earth and air in nature’s ecosystem, which can teach us about our own balance of spirit, emotion, body and heart mind.

We can ask the Mother Earth to teach us by contemplating her ecosystems and the way the sun, water, soil and air nurtures life. When we see into how we care for our own system (our spirit, our emotions, our body and our heartmind), we can contemplate the questions: How do I want to maintain my balance? What new agreements do I want to make with myself?

In Sustaining Intelligence, we open the old practice of ‘Reading the Shields’, a way of assessing our own balance and wellbeing, using this as a diagnostic for assessing the health in a system.

(A story from Heart Seeds, A Message from our Ancestors)

In this story, the women chiefs have journeyed through time to read the shields of humanity in the future. Journey with them to read the three layers. First, they look into the bright layer. They seek that which is growing, full of light and creative. Second, they look into the pain layer, and seek to find that which is under the surface: conflict, disruption and separation in the world. Finally, they look into the seed layer, opening to the dreams in the hearts of the people. It is here they sense the yearning of the people.

Reading the Shields • from Heart Seeds page 102-108

The Women Chiefs
Go Through the Obsidian Mirror

One by one, clothed only in their spirit bodies, the women chiefs travel through the shining mirror and move through the river of time. They find themselves gathered together once again, and are now able to see clearly into the world of their tomorrow, from a unique vantage point.

The beauty of the Mother Earth is breathtaking. They see Her orb moving through space. Closer and closer, as their vision expands, they see the beauty of Her oceans and mountains, and they begin to focus on the life of the many humans that people the earth. Remembering their mission to bring back a picture of the present condition of the humans living on the planet in the future, they begin to diagnose the shields of the whole human family.

Reading the East Shield
Looking through the spirit shield of the East, the women chiefs ask, “Ho, Chemah, how is the spirit fire?” They are looking for evidence of the vital force of the people, guided by the spirit of life moving through them.
In many places they see new growth, innovation, and expansion-the brightness of new creation. This is the first layer their collective vision opens. It is hopeful, and they are pleased. Now, going deeper, they look underneath the exterior. They are looking into the spirit of the people.

They see the people have become separate and many have lost their way. Many experience an absence of value and meaning, as if they have forgotten who they are and why they have come to the planet. Many are without food and work and consequently have little hope for their children’s future, or their children’s children. Many of the youth seek speed, thrills, and chemical ecstasy, having found no way to plant their own dreams in nourishing soil. Too many seek an early death, knowing despair to be their only companion. This is the second layer, and it brings deep concern to the ancients.

Again, they expand their vision, looking deeper into the people. They are looking for hope, for inspiration, for beauty and dreams. They see these energies like fires of light on a dark night, and they are everywhere. They are found where it would be least expected. These fires of hope, inspiration and beauty are in the hearts of most of the humans alive on the planet. Each human dreams their dream, even though many have clouds covering them. They do dream. This is the third layer and possibly the most important for the ancients. This is the seed layer that awaits their coming, ready for the awakening of deep remembrance, the manifestation of dreams.

Reading the South Shield
The sounds of chanting are heard in the cosmos, ringing through the night dream. The song is one of promise. Now the women chiefs join to open the door of the South Shield and ask, “Ho, Morillah, what is the sound?” Listening to the deep sound through the water, what can be heard of the people’s emotional temperament, of the deep relationship within the many peoples? The women, silent, holding, listening, begin to see.

The first layer opens to those in love, those who share beauty and joy in relationship-with spouse, children, friends, with animals and the land. They see those around the world full of laughter and friendship, seeking to expand their family circle and creating community where many voices can be heard, and the children are held in the center by all. This first layer is the sound of harmony and brings a heart-warming resonance.

The women chiefs now begin the journey to the next level, seeing underneath the surface. They open to the conflict and pain of the people, visible in many places on the Mother Earth. They see war, death, terrorism, fanaticism, vandalism, insecurity, and fear. The violence and resulting pain is crippling, the sound chaotic and dissonant. The effect on the old women is immediate. They are shocked and silent. Some appear to be struck dumb by the sounds of terror among the people, until one begins to sing. It is a song to each other, but resonates with the sound of the all. It sends a message. “We see you. We are coming. Wait for us. Look for us.” Slowly, as all the voices join together, it feels as if some of the sound changes slightly, and there is a subtle change in the dissonant tempo of the people’s sound.

Courage is drawn forth like a sword as the women once more open their collective vision to see the next layer. They search for the seed layer, the deepest sound in the hearts of the peoples. Through the pain and conflict, they hear another sound-the sound of love. They can feel the yearning in the human family to learn how to live together once again-the yearning for peace and forgiveness, for kindness. With tears of joy the women sing their appreciation song. They rejoice, knowing the seeds are in place, kept safe within the hearts of all but a few.

Reading the West Shield
Knowing that time is critical, the women chiefs rest only moments and gather once again to open the West Shield, singing to the energy of the earth. “Ho, Ehamah, how is the body?” They look for how the container of the spirit is held, looking for balance and wellness, health and strong structure to support the growth of the many things coming into being.

As they look across the globe, they see those who remember what it means to maintain and grow structure, and they see the challenge that exists when there is so much demand. They see those who are the care givers, those who nurture and sustain that which they hold. Their vision opens to see caring enacted in individuals’ lives, as people care for their children, homes, gardens, work, and crops. These are good signs, and they know there is more to see.

Expanding deeper, they open to see the energy of being and becoming. They see the majority of society focused on becoming-that is, doing and accomplishing. While this is powerful development, they recognize the deep well of emptiness that is not being cared for. The being energy that of stillness, quiet, and contemplation-is absent to a high degree with many of the people. They know that the energy of being-holding and inner reflection-is crucial for the balance and wellness of a people. And this understanding enables the women chiefs to see underneath all the doing and the accomplishing, to see the stress of the lives of the people, the deep exhaustion and the sense of overwhelm. These symptoms speak of a missing inner peace and create a deep concern for the people. The women chiefs know the long-term effect of this kind of imbalance, so they begin to send a song of hope to those most affected.

And now the women approach the final layer, to see into the deepest hearts of the people. They listen underneath all the busyness, goals, and exhaustion to hear the calling. What does the human family call out for? In their vision, the women chiefs hold a bowl ready to receive the heart seeds of the people.

The seeds of yearning come one at a time, revealing the spiral deep within the heart, each one important to the wellbeing of the human family. The first seed is connection. This profound calling speaks of the need to remember our connection with nature and with the spirit of oneness with all things. The second seed calling is wisdom, which is only possible with a deep connection to our source. The third seed reveals the calling for a sense of global community in which we remember how to live in peace with one another. The women chiefs hold these seeds close in their own hearts and begin their song of appreciation for what is to come.

Reading the North Shield
Reaching deeper and wider than before, the elders open the final door, that of the North Shield. Singing to the wind, the women ask, “Ho, Wehomah, how is the breathing?” Listening to the whispers on the breeze they open the great auric envelope around the earth-Sky Girl, Sky Boy-to awaken their seeing this last time.
They search for the clarity of mind and heart of the people. Testing, probing, they seek the truth, integrity,
right action and courage. The wind answers with a gentle caress, carrying information of those who can walk the way of the heart.

They are able to identify those humans who are unafraid to speak the truth and admit their mistakes, who carry integrity like a banner. They see others who live a path of courage and right action, no matter how challenging. From this visioning, they see the qualities of compassion and listening, honoring and respect. While there are many examples of these qualities in their vision, they are also plagued with sadness. These humans represent so few of all the human family.

As they expand their vision deeper they see the roots of the sadness. They see elements of confusion and many who live in a mind consciousness of lack and consider themselves victimized by those around them. They see those who rape the earth, depleting the resources that belong to all, and a terrible disparity of abundance. These forces, the women see, are fostering user attitudes and aggravating racial and cultural tensions, which erupt globally. And, maybe the most frightening, they see how many of the young people are struggling with the perceived inadequacy or irrelevance of education, leading to an unknown future with limited opportunities.

Challenged greatly, the women chiefs begin to chant, sending energy to the peoples of the earth. Their message is a mirror to what they know is the seed layer in the hearts of the people all over the earth. Hope. They sing of hope. They sing of remembrance and of the human dream. These are the seeds in the third layer, and they know they need to be awakened. The songs are calling to the seeds, saying “It is time. You are ready. Awaken now. This is the time to open, to grow your roots and to live.” They sing into the night, until there is a shifting, as if the breath quickens with new life, emerging from the world of mystery with all potential opening with the dawn.

As the elder women chiefs finish the fourth song of their visioning, they sing their gratitude for all they have gathered. Then, they turn away from the vision and the incredible beauty of the Mother Earth and begin their journey back to their own time, within the cave walls and back to their dream time.





The EcoSphere, is a way to image a living system, with lines of longitude and latitude, symbolizing the meridians of the system. The meridians can be seen as energy pathways, understanding that when these pathways of energies are in flow, we have health. When there is blockage, we experience pain in the system.

There is respect needed when we prepare to read an EcoSphere. It is necessary to first clear any bias or judgment we may hold about the EcoSphere itself, and to step into our I AM, to approach in a sacred way. Each element in nature’s ecosystem has a function and is part of the web of life, therefore deserving of respect. The same is true when we Read the Shields of an EcoSphere.

Review the inner stance of the Evocative Leader before you begin to Read the Shields.

The Inner Stance of the Evocative Leader

The EcoSphere is a way to see the self, relationship, family, organization or world as a living system and not only to read the system for balance but to actualize the potential of the system. When we Read the Shields of an EcoSphere, we are reading the spirit of the system, the emotional tone of the system, the body of the system and the (heart) clarity of the system.

The equator, center circle around the EcoSphere, is the space we visualize as the council circle, where we hear the voice of the system.




The Activation Wheel illustrates the sequence of steps to Read the Shields of an EcoSphere:

Activation Wheel for Sustaining Intelligence



  1. Clear any bias or judgment or negativity you find in yourself as you perceive the EcoSphere
  2. Step into your I AM, aligning with your higher consciousness
  3. Feel if you have permission to read the EcoSphere
  4. Image yourself holding the EcoSphere in your hands
  5. Emanate your light, filling the EcoSphere


EAST: Look for the ‘bright layer’ in each direction 
(E: spirit, S: emotion, W: body, N: heartmind)

Diagnostic Questions for Reading an Ecosphere


SOUTH: Look into the ‘pain layer’ and discern blockages from any direction. (We can see any blockages using the same questions from the diagnostic wheel, as they show us where to look.)


WEST: Look into the ‘dream layer’ (found in the hearts of the people of the system) and ask “What is the highest dream of healing?” (Using one of the areas that is blocked or has reduced flow, begin to dream into the highest image of healing)


NORTH: Look for what is needed to evoke a shift in the system to actualize the potential.

When we ask the question: What is needed to evoke a shift in the system? We are, as evocative leaders, first looking into what is needed to shift within the self. (This is the first step in beginning to evoke the shift)



Arrange prior to your experience to have a deep sharing with a buddy (PAIR) after your experience.

(Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype)



We ask you now to take some time in nature, returning if you wish to the sacred space you created for your previous work. Bring what you need to draw or write to Read the Shields of your Family EcoSphere. Take time for the five steps of preparation. This is especially needed when we find we have issues or challenges we need to face in this EcoSphere. Do not do the reading if you have not set aside any bias or judgment. (NOTE: It is not possible to dream the healing without the preparation)

When you have stepped fully into your I AM and can emanate your light and love fully into this EcoSphere, you will know you are ready to begin.

    Write about your experience and insights in your journal. Take time before this journey and set up a time to connect with a buddy following your experience.







      When we are in person, we will present each of you with a set of four cards. Until then we are asking you to receive them in this format, and to reflect upon them.

      The first card opens a Universal Principle offering a view into the nature of the Universe and a Practice which illustrates how we can live in harmony with the nature of the Universe.

      The second card, called the Mirror Dimension Card, offers a view of how to shift our state of being. In particular, it is a way to step into the fullness of Sustaining Intelligence when we wish to activate this intelligence.

      The third card is the Evocative Leader Card which is opening the field of awareness of how the Evocative Leader can evoke self and the field around us.

      The fourth card opens Sustaining Intelligence and is a summary teaching and anchoring of this wisdom and knowledge.

      Please take some time to contemplate the information presented and listen to the podcast which will deepen this understanding.

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