As humanity, we are called to a larger conversation and participation in Life. We are called to usher in real change, and help create and shape the face of the future for ourselves and generations to come. The time is now.

The Call:  We are calling forward our inherent leadership genius and our collective dreaming, so together, we can co-create best practices for establishing new structures and processes that serve all people and the earth.

The question is:

“Are we up to the challenge? Will we step up as humanity?”

To do that we must shift. We must change. So this is a call.

“Will you take a stand?” “Will you step beyond your own edge?

We are calling experienced professionals from across the planet that carry expertise in many diverse arenas—business executives, humanitarians, visionaries, community leaders, consultants, politicians, environmental promoters, educators, health care professionals—to name a few.  This kind of participant diversity creates a rich tapestry in our learning community. We are looking for those who deeply want to make a difference in the pathway ahead in this human journey. We are calling those who are willing to take a stand for life-affirming action in each of our lives, in our communities, in our nations and on this planet.

Why is this needed now? Evocative leaders are needed in this changing time to draw forth the best from those they interact with as well as to evoke the kind of higher consciousness required to address the volatile, complex and ambiguous issues we all face at this time.

Evocative leadership emerges from a culture of interrelatedness, which holds the deep value of relationship, respect for life and collective wisdom.  This training journey involves deep personal growth along with developing the capacity to evoke life-affirming outcomes in all the rings of relationship – personal, partnership, community and work – as these rings ripple out to create global impact.

Introduction to Evocative Leadership Mastery™

What is the Program Flow?

To enter the Evocative Leadership Mastery™ journey, the Portal Gathering is required.

To sign up for an online portal, please write for registration details. 

The structure of the journey consists of the Entry Portal, followed by five 6-day training sessions held every 3 months.  Participants are asked to arrive the night before and depart the morning after the 6 days. Between sessions, participants deepen their learning by applying practices and skills and will report and work as a learning community to enhance the depth of the experience. Throughout this program, participants experience their growing mastery through:

  • Whole body learning for full integration
  • Deep introspective time alone on the earth
  • Interactive and experiential team practices to deepen learning
  • Use of inquiry to explore and discover depth of insight
  • Ancient wisdom practices based on values of earth wisdom cultures

Through these experiences and practices participants:

  • Grow their ability to innovate and create
  • Work with presence with the ability to appreciate what is
  • Respond from a place of inner stability
  • Clarify identity and purpose to illuminate the pathway ahead
  • Hold the container for growth and change in systems
  • See connections and co-create across boundaries
  • Build heart mind acuity leading to right action
  • Work with life force and the power of shift

What is the structure of the complete training program?

Year One

Knowing we face increasing polarity and challenge in our world, we will work with three high level lenses on this journey: The first is the lens of Interiority:  practices for balancing the inner landscape of the Leader, called the Ground of Being. The second lens is Polarity and Complementarity:  practices for finding the complement in what we see as polarization in the rings of relationship. The third lens is Bridging:  practices for finding pathways to wholeness.

We will use a universal map to unfold the Eight Intelligences that are inherent in the human:  Creation Intelligence, Perceptual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Pathfinding Intelligence, Sustaining Intelligence, Predictive Intelligence, Decisive Intelligence and Energia Intelligence.  We will open the Ground of Being, how we stand within, as well as practicing the skills of being an Evocative Leader in the first four sessions.

Year Two

The second part of the journey, following the first four retreats, open into pathways we call intensives.  Each pathway will offer something different and can be chosen according to the interest and wish for additional deepening of the Evocative Leader.


The TOOL Intensive is a deep practice in working with individuals, partnership and teams.  We offer eight vital tools with an emphasis on Evoking.  The Intensive training prepares the Evocative leader to evoke the highest potential from self and others, with tools that inspire, grow and ignite the best in each of us to grow the future toward our dreams of a sustainable and peaceful world.


The COUNCIL Intensive is a profound earth based practice to gather the voices of the people to share wisdom perspectives and move toward wholeness in our relationships, communities and world.


Participants will receive certification after successfully demonstrating proficiency in using the tools.
Additional intensives will be added at a later date.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Read more here »

When and where will the next training take place?

The current Evocative Leadership Mastery™ training is held in Spain. Click here to see our venue.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, new training dates has been put on hold until further notice. Please check back here, when the situation clears up…. 

What will I be expected to do to successfully complete this program?

  • Attend one Entry Portal Gathering, all four training sessions and the Exit Portal Gathering
  • Actively engage with learning community through various forms of communication
  • Practice and embody concepts and skills in home, work and community life
  • Complete all reports describing the integration of skills and concepts
  • Successfully demonstrate competencies
  • Participate in teleconference calls with your learning team over the three months in between sessions
  • Complete project and project report

What are the outcomes of this training?

Evocative Leadership Mastery™ is an adventure into your own deep integrity, to discover the power of the universe that resides in you.  This journey invites you to remember your true being; one who can evoke leadership in others and meet the world with equanimity and knowing.  Through Evocative Leadership Mastery™ you will become a leader of tomorrow, one who can hold the space for healing and transformation in systems, build shared understanding across diverse groups and gather the wisdom of all people to create new pathways to our collective future.

WindEagle, is a keeper of ancient earth wisdom dedicated to awakening consciousness, peace building and healing separation in our world.  She has worked internationally with individuals, training groups, organizations, and communities over three decades.  She is a co-Founding Director of Ehama Institute

In 1995, WindEagle and Rainbow Hawk (1923 to 2012) founded Ehama Institute, a teaching organization, located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA.  Together they worked with individuals, training groups, communities and organizations throughout the world for over two decades.  Organizations they worked with include Mattel, U.S. Air Force, World Business Academy, Findhorn, WHSmith, nowhere group ltd., Mercedes Benz, Alcatel-Lucent, Deutsch Bank and BMW; additionally they have consulted with many executive leadership teams.

They published their first book, Heart Seeds, A Message from the Ancestors, in 2003. This book recounts the ancient oral stories of remembrance while taking the reader on a journey to discover the relevance of these “heart seeds” for both the present time and our collective future. Order the book at:

In 2007, as a global expression of Ehama Institute, WindEagle and RainbowHawk formed the World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace to create a worldwide People’s Movement of the First Peace.  This People’s Movement is based on circles of people in communities and countries around the world, learning and sharing Eight Universal Principles and Practices of Peace that form the basis for living in harmony with the universe and thus living peace in the self.  This movement intends to reach vast number of circles in every country in the world creating a strong culture of peace.

In 2012, the Evocative Leadership Mastery™ program was launched and is offered to experienced leaders and visionaries who are inspired to make a positive and lasting difference in their groups, organizations and the world.  Evocative Leadership Mastery™ is an integrated leadership framework, both in philosophy and practice, designed to harness the power of higher consciousness.  It brings an enduring wisdom to the volatile, complex and ambiguous challenges of the world in which we live and work.

Emma Lefevre

Xavier Garcia-Weibel

Morten Meldgaard

“ELM has opened many questions in my life, the most important being: ‘How may I nurture and sustain life inside organizations and systems at any moment, whatever the state of the system or will be?’  I have received that question as a gift. It requires a thorough personal leadership work involving new heights and depth of compassion in order to totally embrace it.

In the world of corporate leaders and coaches, ELM is shifting the impact of our presence. By doing the spiritual work involved in the “ceremonies” with consistency and belief, we are revealing the true power of evoking the potential of each person for the benefit of all.”

Xavier Garcia Weibel


“In a 2014 survey Ernest & Young described the “Creative Industries” as the sole fastest growing industry in the EU with an annual 14% of the GNP. As a freelance member of this growing industry and an educator at both the Academy of fine Arts School of architecture (KADK) and the renowned National Danish Filmschool (DDF), I am daily drawing upon the skills, competences, resources, insights and tools that the ELM have given me, only in this first year or so of the education. The creative businesses are two-fold, in the sense that they show us how the future of leadership and co-creating with the peoples of this earth will unfold and on the other hand they are shockingly lacking behind when it comes to human relations (HR), ethics and basic workforce rights that other fields take for granted. In trying to innovate and evoke feelings of community, creativity, sustainability, inner life and outer responsibility within my sphere of influence in the educational field as well as in my artistic practice, the ELM is unmistakeable the one solid point of reference. I recommend it. To everyone who is challenged by the fact that today we lead through example, personal authenticity and authority, to everyone who senses that in order to govern you must first govern yourself, to everyone that intuits that the collective holds so much more creative potential than what we have so far derived from the individual. In order to Evolve.”

Morten Meldgaard

Architect MMA, filmdirector DDF, PhD,, Lecturer & head of BA programme KADK

“I met WindEagle quite along time ago, and it struck me that Earth Wisdom was exactly what our world needs: it could enable us humans to make peace with ourselves and with our planet.  The ancient teachings have certainly helped me and infused my life with learning, challenge and great beauty. I was blessed by that first encounter.  Since then I have been on a number of learning journeys with this tradition and have loved each one of them.  But ELM is the result of many years of experience offering the ancient teachings to people.  It allows you to get on board easily and go deep quickly.  It’s also great fun. This will help you stand in your greatness and make a difference.  It will also benefit those who are close to you.  So how could I not recommend it most highly?”

Carlos Philip Glover

United Kingdom

“As a leader, there is only so much you can control. The economy and the actions of your competitors are basically out of your hands. But there is a way to influence those around us in order to reach shared goals and handle obstacles in our path. The most direct influence we wield comes from within ourselves. We can choose the thoughts, behaviors and emotions we show to others.  To others, those words and actions become their means for determining whether you are someone worth following or not. So we must first learn to wield the power within us. Evocative Leadership Mastery™ opened my eyes to the varied intelligences that lie within and how I may or may not have accessed them in the past.  It has challenged me to gain insight on not only what I want to achieve but also how I want to go about doing that. Evocative Leadership Mastery™ offers a means to dig deeper, learn how to better understand and wield the intelligence within, and how to use that intelligence to work with and lead others in a more effective fashion.”

Kristi Olafsson

Co-Owner, Coach, Consultant, Stone River Consulting, LLC, 

“Deeply meaningful, deeply relevant! An opportunity to reconnect to what humanity is all about and how to apply this wisdom into our modern lives. In a time of great changes and big challenges in our world, this offers a way forward to exist in peace, harmony and respect for all beings. ”

Marianne Kildedal


“Since January 2017 I have embarked on an amazing journey into the Medicine Wheel with WindEagle and Evocative Leadership Mastery team –  ELM.   WindEagle is an incredibly wise, deep, and magnetic teacher and Keeper of the Delicate Lodge earth -wisdom teachings, passed down from generations of native peoples.   I was aware that she was the teacher of Henry Kimsey-House, the founder of CTI co-active coaches training institute and profoundly influenced their teaching models. WindEagle came with the highest recommendations and reputation.  So when I spotted that my teacher’s teacher was coming to Europe, I knew that I had to find out more.  I did and I decided to hop on board!   I have not been disappointed.
In an increasingly polarised world, where there is so much uncertainty, inequality, division, fear, stress and strain, competition, pressure and dissatisfaction, the teachings and work of Evocative Leaders has never been more vital than they are now.   On a personal level, I have been on a healing journey for many years and through this work I found the keys to unlock me from path of suffering, it has transformed my life on the inside.
I can not recommend WindEagle or Evocative Leadership Mastery highly enough – both professionally, personally and in community – evocative leadership mastery is a key to a life affirming pathway forward – and I think a real opportunity to create a new world!!!  “

Emma Lefevre

United Kingdom


1.  What does evocative leadership mean?

Evocative is a word that denotes “A Call.”  To evoke is to call forward the highest skill, talent or gift of expertise from those within your sphere of influence, including yourself, with the inherent recognition that together we can create anything. Activating the skills learned in Evocative Leadership Mastery™ leads us into an evolving model that calls forth all members of a team or group to contribute their most brilliant and needed collective capabilities as we face shift and change.

2.  What is the philosophy behind your program?

The distinctive philosophy and orientation towards developing leaders is grounded in:

  • Ancient Earth Wisdom Teachings
  • A foundational framework for approaching high-impact decisions
  • Experiential learning based upon understanding, embodying and applying highly conscious competencies associated with our innate human intelligences
  • A holistic understanding of self, team, organization, community and world that reflects the inherent responsibility we each have to care for the whole, at whatever scale is needed
  • The value and effectiveness of increasing leadership capacities through development of a personal practice of evoking a high level of awareness, balance and potential in oneself.  Participants are encouraged throughout the training to use themselves as instruments to evoke the best in the people they live and work with
  • Deepening and applying the training through working intensively with the group’s on-line learning community

3.  What does “intelligence” mean in this context?

In the Evocative Leadership Mastery™ journey, we re-awaken the eight intrinsic intelligences of humans: Creation, Perceptual, Emotional, Pathfinding, Sustaining, Predictive, Decisive and Energia.  We evoke every person’s capacity to call forward each of these vital and pivotal understandings that illuminate the unlimited resource within and around each of us. 



Part of the Evocative Leadership Mastery™ journey is to explore the Eight Universal Intelligences, realizing that each of us is an expression of the Universe and we naturally carry the keys to this power.

We need all of our intelligences now more than ever.

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For more information, to answer any questions and/or to participate in an informational conference call, please contact us at:

Ehama Institute P.O Box 1205 Abiquiu, New Mexico 87510-1205  USA

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