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1.  What does evocative leadership mean?

Evocative is a word that denotes “A Call.”  To evoke is to call forward the highest skill, talent or gift of expertise from those within your sphere of influence, including yourself, with the inherent recognition that together we can create anything. Activating the skills learned in Evocative Leadership Mastery™ leads us into an evolving model that calls forth all members of a team or group to contribute their most brilliant and needed collective capabilities as we face shift and change.


2.  What is the philosophy behind your program?

The distinctive philosophy and orientation towards developing leaders is grounded in:


3.  What does “intelligence” mean in this context?

In the Evocative Leadership Mastery™ journey, we re-awaken the eight intrinsic intelligences of humans: Creation, Perceptual, Emotional, Pathfinding, Sustaining, Predictive, Decisive and Energia.  We evoke every person’s capacity to call forward each of these vital and pivotal understandings that illuminate the unlimited resource within and around each of us.

4.  What will I be expected to do to successfully complete this program?

5.  What are the outcomes of this training?

Evocative Leadership Mastery™ creates breakthrough experiences, uncovers invaluable insights and develops mastery-level skills and capacities for building shared understanding across diverse groups followed by authentic action.  Throughout this training, participants learn that effectively evoking and focusing the wisdom of all people creates new pathways to positive results.