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“Evocative Leadership Mastery™ has changed the way I view myself and the world around me!  The teachings are simple, yet profound.  There is a simplicity and rigor to this work. Our teachers hold us with love and yet the fierceness to know that the work we are doing matters for ourselves, our whole tribe and the rest of humanity.  I have taken many Leadership Development courses over the last ten years and this is the one that has had the most impact on me personally.  As a Leadership Coach and Trainer, the impact on my work has been profound.  I am able to do richer, deeper and more meaningful work with my clients and in my workshops.

I do corporate work at Board level and the situations that I used to find a little scary, I now hold as great opportunities to help shift the consciousness of senior leaders in the business world.  The feedback I get from corporate and private clients alike is, “I am having more impact with less effort!”  I would highly recommend this training to anyone who ‘knows’ there is a bigger picture and has, up until now, not found access to it.  This is the training for you!”


Veronica (Ronnie) Clifford

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, CPCC) TLC Certified

United Kingdom


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“ELM is a program that has enriched my awareness as a leader through universal wisdom. It is a personal journey that has allowed me to reconnect with my greatness spirit.”


Marco Vega



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“As a leader, there is only so much you can control. The economy and the actions of your competitors are basically out of your hands. But there is a way to influence those around us in order to reach shared goals and handle obstacles in our path.

The most direct influence we wield comes from within ourselves. We can choose the thoughts, behaviors and emotions we show to others.  To others, those words and actions become their means for determining whether you are someone worth following or not. So we must first learn to wield the power within us.
Evocative Leadership Mastery™ opened my eyes to the varied intelligences that lie within and how I may or may not have accessed them in the past.  It has challenged me to gain insight on not only what I want to achieve but also how I want to go about doing that.
Evocative Leadership Mastery™ offers a means to dig deeper, learn how to better understand and wield the intelligence within, and how to use that intelligence to work with and lead others in a more effective fashion.”


Kristi Olafson

Co-Owner, Coach, Consultant, Stone River Consulting, LLC



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“Evocative Leadership Mastery™ training offers profound teachings based on deep wisdom that change your perceptions of life’s situations and transform your way of being in the world. It serves as the catalyst for powerful inner healing and shifts your approach to your work and relationships.  By learning how to call forth your innate leader and stand in the truth of your sacred path, you evoke the best in those around you.  This training has changed my life.”


Julie Wise

Julie Wise Consulting

Author of Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease



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“I signed up for ELM without knowing all of the program details and logistics.  I felt and trusted its authenticity and wisdom and was compelled to take the leap into the unknown.  I am half way through the program and already feel transformed. I have attended many leadership workshops and programs, but ELM is different.  My learning is more of a remembering—remembering who I am, what my purpose is, how living a joyous, peaceful and purposeful life is actually the most natural way to live, and the fullest expression of who I uniquely am.  This is a challenging program, but if you are yearning for deep transformative wisdom in your life that unleashes the authentic and most impactful leader in yourself; if you are facing greater complexity, or conflict and uncertainty in the domains you currently lead; if you are up to challenging your beliefs and developing practices that help you master your thoughts and behaviour—then I strongly encourage you to take the next step.”


Peggy Brown

Certified Co-Active Coach, for individuals, partnerships and teams



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“After the Introductory Session to Evocative Leadership Mastery™, I am even more excited about the possibilities that this course will create for helping leaders to find new and different ways to lead and influence.  With all the change happening in the world, leaders need to meet this change with higher levels of consciousness in how they impact their employees and customers.  This shift in leadership consciousness has the ability to create incredible positive impact on employee engagement, company culture and ultimately business results.  I am hungry to go deeper into this work, and see the impact that this kind of leadership consciousness can have on organizations and the communities that they serve.”


Krista Porvaznik

Founder, Coach and Consultant, Stone River Consulting, LLC



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“The Evocative leadership Mastery™ program—a highly creative, diverse and engaging program taught with depth, understanding, vitality and compassion. I felt honoured to be part of the 2012 ELMP in New Mexico.  I found the teachings offered and the manner in which they are held and delivered to be a resolute mark of their depth and transformative nature.
It’s surprising to actually experience the power of the work as its embodied by Master Teacher WindEagle.  Her presence, listening, tracking and loving capacity is profound.  This training program offers a revolutionary approach to the dynamics of leadership, relationship and living consciously.
Highly transformative personal assignments between the programs and in depth support allow for the participant to progress with mindful understanding and engagement.  This program is designed to support collective engagement as well as personal discovery.”


Audicia Lynne Morley, Teacher, Therapist, Artist

Artistic Director State Theta Galleries